5 reasons why you should join this Amazing Home Business.


We are 1940 member strong team home business marketing system.
1. Team Home Business Marketing
We have shared Affiliate Programs best way to protect your downline
We have team auto response messages available for you to copy and use
We have lead capture pages available for you to use and edit any way you want

2. Promote your Site
or choose from among any of the sites that team members have pre-built for you to use.
These pre-built promotions have lead capture pages and auto response messages you can copy and use plus they are fully editable.
Some of the sites our team promotes are:
7 Dollar System of course
Traffic Wave and Team Atlantis
MandG Home Business
and on and on

3. Commissions up to 75%
For example our Platinum membership pays 5 levels deep
50% 10% 7% 5% 3%

4. One Time Payments for lifetime membership starting at 7 dollars

5. All the tools you need are provided for you:
Advertising lists
Join us today Get the Details   http://teameliteresponder.com/jeffknowles

Jeff Knowles
Members receive 50,000 credits weekly from different top mailer or ad sites – Details inside

New COOL Way to Advertise with Northern Mailer!

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Northern Mailer Launch is so Hot it’s Melting the Ice Caps!
This New Viral Mailer Really Gets Great Results!
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Instant Access To A Quality List Of Buyers and
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Have you joined yet? What are you waiting for?


and…So Much More Inside!

Now here’s where it gets real good…

* Mail the list Every few days or every day!
* 6 Second Timer
* Monthly Bonus Credits
* Earn Credits per click.
* Banner and Text Advertising
* Weekly Jack Pot
* Down Line Builder
* Down Line Mailer
* Tons of Specials
* Residual Credits
* Commissions, Commissions, Commissions
* Plus more, more… MORE!

You must act now…

Use Promo code: Igloo1000
Sign-up BONUS

It’s time for you to take action and see what a real list builder can
Do for You!


See YOU Inside
Jeff Knowles

Start Making A Profit Today – Team Earn And Learn

 Join Team Earn and Learn to:

  • Build a long term income online
  • Build a massive list (random referrals for upgraded members)
  • Create or join a team of motivated hard working referrals in Trafficwave or any of the other 4 core websites
  • Build downlines in other leads creating programs
  • Create a list to advertise your money making programs
  • Copy my money making system
  • Learn the best advertising strategies from the leaders in the industry.
  • Learn everything there is to know about Teambuilding


Are you serious about making a long term income online?

We offer you the best TEAM BUILDING STRATEGIES in the industry

There is no failing here.


TrafficWave Trafficwave
AIOPAll In One Profits (AIOP)
Cash Surfing NetworkCash Surfing Network
Four corners alliance groupThe Four Corners Alliance Group Global NPNGlobal NPN

Already in one of these programs? Then this could solve all your problems in getting referrals!

Upgraded members receive random referrals –> REFERRALS

Unique Teambuilding (not just downline builders) with great LEADERS


What a tremendous way to gain free exposure to your Trafficwave sign up url and any other website of your choice!

Here’s what you can expect when you signup today:

  • You will be issued with a username and a password.
  • You will gain instant access to your own personalized control panel.
  • You also gain access to a host of other special features that you’ll enjoy!
  • Your earnings can be withdrawn as soon as you reach the minimum balance of $10.00 .
  • We begin to help you to build profitable downlines in your own business as soon as you sign up.

Pro Member Benefits:

  • Special Signup Bonus ( $128 Value )
  • You will receive random referrals to build a list of prospects for 1 or more CORE Programs..
  • You will be able to offer your programs all the way down to 2 levels!
  • You can add 6 programs of your choice to the programs page for your downline to join.
  • You will earn commissions on 2 levels for referring other Pro members.
    Level 2 : $1.00/month
    Level 1 : $3.35/month
  • PRO membership fee is only $10.00/month. When you think about it, that’s great value for LIFE!

Free Member Benefits:

  • Special Signup Bonus ( $69 Value )
  • You can build your downline in the programs added by your sponsor and by Admin.
  • You can add 1 programs of your choice to the programs page for your downline to join.
  • You will earn commissions on 2 levels for referring other Pro members.

You only need to promote 1 link for multiple programs!

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to find out what viral marketing is all about and start building your downline business?

Are you impatient to start earning commissions in multiple programs?

Then there’s just one step left to take…

Click the link below to get started straight away, then upgrade to Pro membership on the other side.


Hank van den Berghe launches Ads Traffic Leads – Prelaunch now

Hank van den Berghe launches Ads Traffic Leads
New Launch – Promo – 200 dollars in banner and text ads

Premiere advertising, leads, instant income site launched
Instant Commissions – 200 in Ads – prelaunch alert
435 dollar Referral contest with 10 chances to win.

Free 25% commissions

This site has the Highest Instant Commissions

Gold 50% commissions $27 lifetime – available now for $5

Platinum 67% commissions $47 lifetime – available now for $9

Elite 75% commissions $67 lifetime – available now for $14

JV Partner 80% commissions lifetime – available now for $59

Founding Members 100% commissions lifetime – available now for $97

Do not overlook the signup offers

There is offer for Elite Membership for $14 and comes with one million credits – on the inside the price is $14 today going to $67 soon but the credits = 6000

Membership Includes…

A Daily Chance To Win Prizes Just For Browsing Ads
Access To Our Unique Advertising System That Helps You Get Traffic Fast!
Solo Ads Available to all Members
Ability to Earn Credits For Referring Others
Ability To Earn Additional Free Advertising
Ability To Earn Instant Commissions!
Unique Leads Generating feature for all members
$200 In Free Banner Ads & Text Link Ads!

Bonus:  Grab a free member account

redeem promo code = welcome
30,000 credits
10000 banner credits
10000 text ad credits
5000 login ad views
5 solo ads to all members

Bonus: You will be invited to Join our Home Business Club, so take advantage of being part of our 2000 member group.

Jeff Knowles

The Best Cyber Monday Offer Ever

Would you like to receive 50,000 credits each week from  top advertising sites?

Yes of course, since you know the value of credits for mailings, banner and text ads.

That is exactly what you receive each week and more read on.
Each Saturday morning we announce the 50000 credits bonus site.

1. 1963 Member Team Home Business
2. Promote your Site or any other site
3. Commissions up to 75% up to 5 tiers
4. One Time Payments for lifetime membership starting at 7 dollars
5. All the tools you need are provided for you at no additional cost
Autoresponders, lead capture, trackers, leads generators
6. Receive 50,000 credits weekly from different top ad sites
7. One of a kind integrated downline builder

Watch the video. Get the Details. Then make a decision.

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